Employee Information

At Harrisons we are acutely aware that the insolvency of your employer will bring with it all manner of concerns regarding not only your future employment prospects, but also many questions relating to your entitlements in the unfortunate event that your role becomes redundant and you lose your job. Harrisons is extremely sympathetic to all employees who may find themselves in this situation and, as well as one of our members of staff explaining your employment rights and entitlements to you personally, by providing access below to streamlined information, we hope to be able to provide as much assistance to employees as possible during what is inevitably a stressful period. This information not only includes the relevant RP1 form to enable employees to make claims to the Redundancy Payments Office in respect of arrears of pay, holiday pay and redundancy, but also form RP2 in respect of entitlements for pay in lieu of notice, the latter of which is issued to all employees directly by the Redundancy Payments Office following the end of their notice period.

We acknowledge that in such difficult circumstances, while your rights will have been explained to you, there will be much to take in and to help employees, we have produced an  Employee Factsheet, which seeks to provide answers to the majority of the questions that employees are likely to raise. Notwithstanding this, employees are welcome to contact the local Harrisons office dealing with their specific case, details of which can be found in the Contact Us section of this website.

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Employee Factsheet RP1 Factsheet RP1 RP2