Creditors Guide to Fees

At Harrisons we are acutely aware of the impact of the financial failure of businesses and individuals on a range of parties. This includes employees and creditors who require assurance and the desire to see transparency in respect of our charging structure when dealing with the affairs of insolvent businesses and individuals.

For the benefit of all stakeholders, we have produced a Harrisons Fee Policy as well as a number of Guide to Fees, in relation to various insolvency procedures below, each of which can be viewed and downloaded as required.

Harrisons' Fee Policy and Guides To Fees_

Harrisons' Fee Policy 2016 - 2017            
Guide to Fees - Administration New Guide to Fees - Administration - From 1 Nov 2015
Guide to Fees – Voluntary Arrangements New Guide to Fees - Liquidations - From 1 Nov 2015
Guide to Fees - Liquidations    New Guide to Fees - Bankruptcy - From 1 Nov 2015
Guide To Fees - Bankruptcy